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I believe it is very clear that resistance training has several significant benefits on our health! However, what seems to be wrongfully believed, is that adults over the age of 45 cannot enjoy the above benefits because resistance (weight) training is only suitable for younger people. This is completely wrong, and below I will list the reasons why.

1. Firstly, our emphasis should be given on strength (lifting more weight). Trying to (safely) increase weight in our exercises, will lead to fewer repetitions and eventually to the output of building a muscle.

2. Having said that, I am not suggesting that all elderly people should be doing bench press, deadlifts and squats!!! Of course if the trainer suggests that they could safely perform any of these exercises, then they should definitely go for it! However, there are many training machines out there which allow active agers to add more weight for different exercises and develop further with the lowest risk of injury.

3. Compound exercises (leg press, shoulder press, seated row), are exercises that improve muscle coordination as more than one muscle is required to function together in order to control higher levels of force.

4. It is well established that resistance training can build muscle, as it elevates hormones (testosterone, growth hormone, growth factor/IGF-1), which helps in muscle repairing at the time of any activity. No matter your age, strength training helps human body become more capable at creating these (muscle friendly) hormones.

5. Also, resistance training with ‘heavy weights’ improves self-confidence a lot. Knowing that you can lift, gives you that power during a challenging situation at anytime during the day (from a heavy object at work that it needs to be removed to the groceries bags!)

If you are 45+ and serious about reaching your full physical potential sign up now and let’s get started!

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