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THE 3 MAIN REASONS Cardio Can Negatively Affect Fat Loss

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

1. Is cardio a fat burning machine? I don’t think so guys…

Those numbers that you see on the treadmill, elliptical or on the bike are ‘estimates’. If you want to check yourself, you can always wear your own HR monitor which is definitely more accurate than a cardio machine. When I checked mine I was surprised by the number shown, as it was way lower than what I expected and the calories ‘burned’ on the machine were way more than the actual number.

Moreover, as you get fitter and fitter, exercise becomes easier. Therefore, your body puts less effort for a workout you used to struggle with. Bodies are like machines… the best machines! You become more economic and more efficient.

Therefore, a different approach to your fat loss journey is needed as you would probably have mastered cardio!

2. Women: more cardio more food?

Well, it sounds funny but researchers found out that for women in particular, cardiovascular exercise actually boosts appetite. This prolongs another overeating cycle.

I have heard so many times ‘I will run 30 minutes more to burn the extra food I ate’. Based on the previous point during that attempt, she will probably burn less than she thinks, while continuously boosts her appetite.

So girls, you might choose walking as your cardio exercise next time as it does not have the same effects on appetite!

3. The Metabolic Afterburn (HIIT)

HIIT has become ` very popular cardio choice in the recent years with the concept of burning calories even after you finish your workout.

However, HIIT’s effects are impressively overstated. Studies that evaluated 3-5 HIIT workouts per week, overall weekly calorie expenditure was boosted by only 200 calories.

Ok, in your fat loss journey you would probably take that as you are looking to take as many calories as you can, however bear in mind that it doesn’t give you a free pass on nutrition!


Am I suggesting no cardio at all?

I never said that! I am just sharing scientific research.. for everyone asking me if cardio is the best way to lose weight: cardio is not the ideal tool for your weight loss journey but if it's your favorite one, hell yeah go on, do it.

Being active in general is amazing!

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