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Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Resistance training could be recognized as the booster in both aesthetic and athletic performance. RT helps you develop muscle, strength and in general provides many areas (fitness, health, psychology, mind) benefits.

Benefits of Resistance Training

1. Weight Management: Very likely to help on the prevention and treatment of metabolic syndrome while improving body composition.

2. Lower Risk of Disease, Death and Functional Limitation: Decent muscle mass level, is associated with a lower cardiovascular disease events.

3. More Energy, Less Fatigue: RT may increase energy levels while fatigue will fade away.

4. Bone Loss Prevention: RT effectively increases bone mass and bone strength. It can also reduce the chance of developing bad conditions of the bones, muscles and joints.

5. Reduced Anxiety and Depression: RT can play a great role in curing sever depression.

6. Improved Brain Function: Scientists found out that physical exercise is the greatest stimulant factor for brain growth.

7. Better Sleep: Sleep is the way a human body can recover. As exercise brightens up and reduces stress scientists suggest that also enhance sleep quality.

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