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In this article, I am giving you the supplements I believe every athlete or gym goer must take in order to physically reach their full potential. Of course these are based on science facts proving that they do provide positive benefits to humans.

First of all: You should know that the supplement industry is soaked with misleading ads, products, and claims that are anything but true.

So, my first advice to you is to not spend your money on placebo supplements…these are claims and high expectations that are never going to be delivered! What you really buy when using such supplements is that the belief… for example you believe that you are going to gain 10 kg of muscle mass while using this supplement and you subconsciously push yourself harder than you were supposed to do so and yes, somehow you are more motivated but you pay a lot of money for that.

So here is your checklist before buying any supplement:

Diet – make sure your food intake is on point and after that, consult with your specialist as to whether you need any supplements to boost your diet!

Routine – of course progress should be noticeable at every point of your training time! Do not train harder only because you take supplements… instead, try and stay motivated all around the year.

Rest – rest = growth! Sleeping 6-8 hours is necessary and believe me no other supplement will give you more muscle mass than this!

Money – as mentioned above, make sure your money goes to quality and science – based supplements.

Supplement Guide:

1. Creatine: One of the most researched, effective and value for money supplements out there. It enhances exercise performance, improves strength and power output and produces energy during intense activity. When is combined with resistance training, it enhances increase of lean mass.

2. Whey protein: One of the most efficient and convenient supplements in the market! Just one serving provides over 20 gr of protein, making it easier for you to reach your daily requirements! If you know that you won’t be able to consume your protein through your diet for any reason this supplement will save your life for sure.

3. Multivitamin: The people most likely to benefit from a multivitamin are those who are unable to consume a wide variety of foods, pregnant women and older people. However, I do suggest multivitamins to my clients in order to make sure we are replacing any nutritional deficiencies. Don’t tell me you never skipped your veggies/greens from a meal!!!

4. Vitamin D: Well, Vitamin D for those who don’t know, is critical for human survival. Sun exposure is the natural source of the vitamin but it can also be received through fish and eggs consumption. Vitamin D supplementation could increase cognition, immune health, bone health and general well being. So due to the importance of this vitamin, supplementation could be a must, especially in cases of deficiency.

5. Caffeine: Energy, energy, energy! Caffeine is a powerful stimulant and it can improve physical strength and endurance. A very cheap supplement and yet more effective than the most pre-workouts. Many of my clients ask me ‘Can I drink coffee instead?’ Of course bro but it’s cheaper than coffee too!

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