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Increase The Intensity OF Your Workouts By Following 5 Smart Steps

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Are you a regular gym-goer but really upset with your progress?? This is a very common problem that many people come across very often. This could happen to anybody; whether you are working on weight/fat loss or trying to put on some weight/muscle mass. You have been going to the gym for a long time now but you find yourself far from your goals.

As lack of improvement causes might be tons, I am giving you the most common ones in the following post. You can check them, apply them and if you still don’t see an improvement, you can hit me up to examine your case closer and from a professional point of view!

1. Shorter rest periods!

Shortening the rest during every set tends to make your workout more intense, by increasing heart rate. Bodybuilders, don’t get me wrong as you should know that still, you can achieve hypertrophy with short rest time between each set J. Try dropping from minutes to seconds of rest between each set and exercise, and simply add more intensity to your workouts! Plus, when trying something new at the gym is also exciting and people tend to push a little bit more.

2. Longer workouts!

Change your workout! For example, add an exercise to your workout. Of course you should consult a professional to customise a workout programme as the volume (repetitions) is very important for your long – term goals.

Another example, could be by changing your cardio routine. Instead of walking 5 minutes, you can run for 2 km. Trying a HIIT workout might be a good way to add more intensity to your workouts as it includes lots of sprinting and ‘‘playing’’ with the clock.

3. Increase the weights!

Many gym – goers tend to use the same weight in their exercises over and over. If your programme says e.g squat 3 x 12, and you realise that you can easily perform it with the weight you have put on, simply start adding some more and more until you almost reach failure on the last few reps. By adding to an exercise, of course the workout will be more intense and harder to finish.

4. Prepare for war!

I see many people coming to the gym after work on empty stomach, moving a little bit their head from left to right, doing some arm circles and they say they are ready to start.

From my point of view, they are ready to go to bed lol. Next time drink an espresso, eat an apple and you will remember me. A shot of caffeine and carbohydrate will boost your energy for any activity you are about to do. You will feel different, and your workout will have much more intensity. Prep is the half work.

5. Recover smarter

Recovery is as important as warming up properly. Imagine going to the gym sore, feeling pain on every move you do. Probably you won’t even bother going, or you will take it as easy as possible. Instead of doing that, recover properly, smash the workout and then the next and then the one after.

Of course when it comes to recovery, nutrition and workout programmes have massive impact on the process. The split should be taken seriously into consideration as you cannot train the same muscle group without proper recovery time in between. There are certain foods to eat before, during, and after training to help recover quicker and get you ready for the next one.

Having said that, imagine going to the gym pumped up, with no signs of soreness? Of course you will train harder, smarter with much more intensity!

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