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There is no doubt about the importance of sleep in humans’ health! Many researches support that sleep helps the human body to recover from the day’s workload, allows the mind to relief life’s stress and most importantly to fully retrieve our physical and mental power in order to be able to face the next day’s activities.

In this case, insomnia would be our worst enemy as many people suffer from it in early stages. Developing severe insomnia could lead in many critical consequences for the human body. However, this article will help you create a decent environment in order to get a proper, quality sleep time.

Having said that, by changing these little habits in your daily routine the results will be significantly obvious and your daily life will be more joyful, happy, and energetic!


1. Noise: Keep things quite! If you live next to a main road, club or park, please do try anything to block the noise coming from outside. Even ear plugs could improve sleep quality.

2. Light: You have probably already heard that night sleep cannot be replaced by any day-time sleep. Human’s most productive sleep cycles occur in a dark environment, which means any visible light can affect your ability to fall asleep. If you suffer from insomnia, blackout curtains or sleep masks can help. Turn off the TV, PC, or any devices that may light up during the night.

3. Temperatures: Too hot or too cold, neither is good for appropriate sleeping. The American Sleep Association (ASA) stated that, keeping the temperatures between 15 and 21 Celsius creates the appropriate environment for sleeping.

4. Bed: Having a comfortable mattress and sheets makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed during bed time! Also, make sure you’re using the correct pillow as they do play an important role in back and neck pain prevention.

5. Clocks: You might be thinking what is he saying right now?! But the truth is, many people go crazy, focusing at the time, checking the clock every 5 minutes, thinking that they stayed up late, or they won’t get enough sleep. Of course you will need a clock for work, school, meetings etc. but, make sure is hidden or not visible from where you sleep. It could ruin your routine and disturb your sleep.

6. Devices: Except from the fact that they light up, human brain remains aware in order to execute any interactive tasks, which of course could lead in staying up late at night or even wake you up during sleep when a notification comes up on one of your devices (phone, PC, TV, tablet etc.)

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