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3 Key Benefits of Physical Activity in a Child’s Emotional and Mental Health!

Did you know that if a child shows any symptoms of depression or anxiety, physical activity may be the ‘wake up call’ for them? I know in such cases, exercise is not the first thing to come in mind. However, it is true that physical activity maintains mental well-being.

Endorphins (the I am feeling good) hormones are released while exercising and they are responsible for improving your mood, boosting your energy and getting you a quality sleep-time. Having said that, an improvement to your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem will be clearly noticeable.

1. Reduced anxiety and stress

Most of the times, a child with anxiety tends to focus on anxiety-inducing things putting them in a toxic circle which only make them more anxious. The good news, is that through exercise, anxious children can break the cycle as the demands of physical activities will require all of their focus driving them away from any stressful thoughts. Moreover, they will develop / learn new skills and they will gain the sense of accomplishment.

2. Improved relationships and group – based environment

It is not strange to observe a child walking alone during break times or not wanting to go out and play in the afternoon because they feel they have no friends. However, team sports and physical activities can lead to strong, long – term friendships. Children (that feel this way) might find it challenging to put themselves in a group – based environment, but a fun, sport - based game could relieve most of the pressure as all the children will be working towards the same goal.

Keeping them in such environment, sharing the same experiences, children will develop confidence, being able to speak with more ease and sureness to others.

3. Improved perception of well-being (self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence)

Imagine being a child again, knowing that you can dance, jump, walk, run, and play with confidence! You are most likely to stay active for the rest of your life. Either by joining a sport as a hobby and then even professionally. Or you will find a way to stay active with different activities as your health and well-being become a priority to you.

The human body can do amazing things and that’s what children must appreciate as it will be their motive to build a positive body image and self – esteem. It is our responsibility to help them develop this awareness by promoting healthy lifestyle and well-being through our own behavior first as children tend to do what adults do!

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