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core (abs) strength

The core is a group of muscles that stabilizes and controls the pelvis and spine (and therefore influences the legs and upper body). Core strength is less about power and more about the subtleties of being able to maintain the body in ideal postures — to unload the joints and promote ease of movement (Elson, 2018).  Likewise, core is fundamental for body stabilization and therefore the importance of having a solid core is crucial (Kibler et al., 2006).

Also, we grow old, deficits in balance and strength, loss of motor neurons, atrophy and osteoporosis are more likely to arise.  With a solid core, the above ‘insufficiency’ are limited as balance, strength and functional performance would be already in a very good fitness level due exercise.   


Elson, 2018 (Understanding and Improving Core Strength

Kibler et al., 2006 (The Role of Core Stability in Athletic Function)

healthy lifestyle

Don’t worry I am not going to cut off everything that is fun!

Healthy lifestyle is about making wise choices when there is a time you are about to make a decision.  That could be a food, a drink or even a daily activity.  Your fitness level and progress is a consequence of how healthy your lifestyle is. 


Sports Connection released an evaluation of a healthy lifestyle which includes some of the following:


- Resting heart rate and blood pressure

- Flexibility

- Muscular strength and endurance

- Cardiorespiratory fitness

- Dietary analysis

- Nutritional counseling

- Personalised exercise Programme


I am glad that every aspect above is taken into consideration in order to customise your exercise and nutritional plan so we are on the right path towards achieving our goals!   


Sports Connection (2010)

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